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How To Measure For A Door

August 3, 2023
2 minutes

There are plenty of reasons to want a new door, whether that be a change of style, an upgrade on quality or simply deterioration, you have come to the right place to get a high quality UPVC or Composite door at the best price. But knowing the size you need (and the size that works) is important in finding the best possible solution, and avoiding an ill-fitting door that could be let in the elements and compromise on security and safety.

You can take the measurement in three ways, dependin on requirements: from the existing door, from the frame or from the opening brick-to-brick. Grab a decent measuring tape and something to record your measurements in, either paper and pen or your phone. Be as accurate as possible and double check the measurements at least twice.

Measuring the Width

Take the measurement at three points: the top, middle and bottom so that you have accounted for the widest and most narrow points of the frame if there is any variation. The largest value is the one to work to, but an allowance of 2cm/20mm smaller can often be used when finding a door to fit.

All of the doors we have for sale at UUWD are categorised by width, but each product title and listing contains the height too.

Measuring the Height

For the height, it is best to take two measurements: one from each vertical side of the door frame. Much like the width, the greatest value is the height that you need to use when searching for products. An allowance of 20mm/2cm smaller can be considered when searching for a product.

Measuring Frame Thickness

Most doors come with a frame already, meaning that you don’t have to worry about matching the thickness of both. However, if you find yourself in the market for just a the door panel you will need to figure out the required thickness of the existing frame.

If you have an existing door, simply take the measurement of the thickness. Try and take three values – one each from the top, middle and bottom. It is advised to also take the rebate in the frame, which is where the door slots when it is closed. These two values should be reasonably similar and will need remeasuring if not.

And finally, take note of which way the door swings open and on which side the hinges are placed. With the door opening away from you, ‘left-hand opening’ would be the hinges on the left, and ‘right-hand opening’ would be on the right.


If you need any assistance with measuring your door, speak to our helpful team or contact a local handyman. If you’re ready to start the hunt for your new entranceway, take a look at our huge range of stock, with 1000s of uPVC and composite doors and windows in stock — with new items added every day.

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